Disclaimer: I am currently working on simultaneously developing a comic and writing a novel; any and all time spent is valuable. So even though every artistic venture makes good practice, I reserve the right to turn down certain inquiries based on timing or even my own preference. With that in mind, I’ll say that money is always useful, and every inquiry will at least be given genuine consideration.


Black & White Bust (shoulders up for solo; waist up for group): $25 (+$10 for any additional character)
Black & White Full Body: $35 (+$15 for any additional character)
Two-Tone Bust: $35 (+$15 for any additional character)
Two-Tone Full Body: $45 (+$20 for any additional character)
Full Color Bust: $45 (+$20 for any additional character)
Full Color Full Body: $55 (+$25 for any additional character)


  • Payment must be made through PayPal before I begin your commission. If a deadline is discussed and I do not meet it, you reserve the right to demand a refund (and it will be given).
  • What you will receive: a .jpg file with a basic, single color background (possibly with a subtle gradient, if I decide it looks better) and a .png file with a transparent background.
  • If you want them printed through Teepublic I will gladly upload commissions to my shop, but please understand two things: 1) You are responsible for paying Teepublic’s purchase fee, it is not included in my commission prices (of course, if you choose this option, I’d be happy to let you know as soon as the design goes live, which gives you three days of your design being on sale) and 2) Your design will be available to the public, meaning anyone—not only yourself—may purchase it.
  • Commissions are for personal use only. Any sale or commercial use of my art requires my consent and must be further discussed.
  • I reserve the rights to any art I make at your request, and may share them on my site and social media as I wish. (Of course, should your likeness or OCs be used, this becomes a gray area, and credit will be given if I deem it appropriate to share at all.)
  • All commissions will be digital. I know Teepublic allows you to request a physical print (if you’re coming from there), but I won’t be offering that option.
  • I AM VERY SLOW AT ART. (Capitalized because I mean it.) As previously stated, deadlines may be discussed, and assuming they offer more than a few days of leeway, will likely be accepted, but I feel it’s important to note.
  • I WILL draw real people and OCs (original characters) if two or more reference images are provided. (In the case of OCs, if you are not an artist yourself and simply want to see your character brought to life, I will accept a detailed description in place of visual reference.)
  • I WON’T draw celebrities
  • I WON’T accept anything NSFW (sorry, just not my style, but you do you)
  • I WON’T accept anything offensive or morally reprehensible. (This includes: racism, sexism, any LGBT-phobia, and all forms of bigotry in general.)
  • I WON’T draw any copyrighted character that neither you nor I own.

And lastly:

  • Feel free to check up on me. I understand the need to—I’m an undiscovered artist who took your money with no immediate pay off, I’d be antsy too. If it brings you peace of mind that something’s getting done, then I don’t mind playing along.


Fill out this form on my contact page telling me which option you’re considering and what exactly you want in the design. If what you want is not specified above, you can still ask about it and maybe we can work something out.

Thank you for your interest, and have a nice day!