My New Years Resolutions!

Well guys, it’s officially 2018! No matter how you feel last year went, its important that you keep moving forward and try to make this year even bigger and better for yourself. That’s why I, as someone who felt like a bit of a slacker for having not completed much last year, would like to share with you my New Years resolutions!

For starters:

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This is the same resolution I had last year—the only resolution I had last year. And considering how little I was reading prior to that, I actually succeeded! There were only three months of the year that I didn’t read a new book, whereas for many years leading up to 2017, I wasn’t really reading anything new (mostly because I just never felt like I had the time for it). But as a writer, I feel it’s was important that I consume more literature, and that was why I first decided to try reading a new book every month.

This year, however, I want to have a bit more fun with it than that. A good friend of mine started posting reviews of the books she was reading, and as someone with a blog that is *cough, cough* generally lacking content, I felt that could be a fun way to keep this thing active! So allow me to introduce you to…

*Overzealous drum roll*

Ayli’s Book Club!

Yeah, I know: the title’s lackluster, but it can be initialized to ABC, so I’m keeping it!

Every time I finish a book (hopefully once a month, at least) I’ll be sharing my thoughts on it here! Because I’m personally not a fan of essays, my reviews will be broken down into sections: my thoughts on the characters, the setting, the general plot, and the ending (I’ll try to avoid major spoilers, but there will be a warning if I find I can’t). I’ll finish it off with my rating, one-through-five stars. So, that’s something I’m looking forward to!

Learn to draw environments.

Hoo-boy, this has been a long time coming. In case you haven’t heard, I’m currently in the planning stages of a webcomic, and one thing that is very important in sequential art is the environment. And, well… my current background level is slapping a gradient behind a few foreground objects. So I’ve got a lot of work to do.

My sister and I have actually been preparing ourselves to buckle down and finally start drawing environments, and we set this new year as our starting line. So we’ll see how that goes! I plan to share updates on that here on my blog, which actually brings me into my third resolution:

Diversify my blog content.

This has also been a long time coming. I first started this blog about two-and-a-half years ago, the summer of 2015, and it was originally under the domain name of aylitheauthor. I changed it last year to aylisofferings because I didn’t want to feel pigeonholed into only writing and sharing content for writers. I wanted this blog to be a complete representation of myself, the writer and the artist. And as you can tell, I haven’t done much on the front of enforcing that.

I get kind of stuck in patterns, sometimes, so while I’ve been sharing my art all over the web, I’ve never started sharing it here. I’m just so used to not doing that that it never occurred to me I could start anytime. So, in this new year, I want to start sharing my art here, and writing posts about my struggles as an artist, not only as a writer. And if at any point I feel it would be worthwhile to write a post about any other aspect of my life, I hope I don’t reject it out of fear it will clash with the rest of my content.

Here’s to becoming completely and unapologetically you! In your immediate environment and online.

And finally:

Write 25,000 words a month.

It’s like having a mini NaNoWriMo year round! This goal is actually going to start next month, though. I’ll explain that in a moment.

If you remember (it’s literally the post right before this one), I blogged a bit about my drafting process and me realizing I need to start letting go. Within that post I stated that the draft I’m currently working on (the big number 4!) is going to be the last complete rewrite of The Diary of a Suicide. That’s a big step for me, because I’ve completely lost myself in the idea that, no matter what, it can always be better. But if you try to polish something to perfection, you will never release it, so I’m trying to take a step back and adjust myself.

I originally started working on Draft #4 back in November, speaking of NaNoWriMo, but I stopped myself at some point in the process because I realized something: I haven’t updated the outline since before Draft #2. If you’ve read that original post, then you understand why that’s a bit of a problem. Long story short: I’ve updated and reconstructed the plot quite a bit since that last outline was made, and for some reason convinced myself it was okay that the edits only existed in my head. I quickly found myself mixing up the timeline and forgetting what I decided to keep and scrap, so this month is going to be used to update the outline and try and iron out any other inconsistencies I might come across in the process, and then in February, I think I’ll start giving you guys either weekly or monthly progress reports. Part of me is feeling weekly because, hey! It’s more content! And it gives me more space to talk about specific parts of the process and problems I encounter. But monthly takes up less time and space…

What do you guys think? I’ve got a month to decide how that’s gonna go.

But those are my New Years resolutions! I normally don’t do resolutions, I never really saw the point in them when I was younger, but now that I’m finding myself make more and more commitments to my work and my creative process, it feels like a good way to set goals and hold myself to them.

How’d your resolutions from last year go, and are you making any more this year? I’m intrigued to find out.

And as always, that’s all for now, and I’ll see you in the next one!

New Years resolutions

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