Welcome Back!

I know, I know: I’ve been MIA all summer. Turns out, I actually kind of suck at multi-tasking, so while I was pouring all of my energy into writing the best damn book I can⸺and plotting and designing a comic book I’m still learning how to make⸺I was neglecting my duties as a blogger. If only sleep wasn’t a basic human need, I’d have all the time in the world…

BUT! You may have noticed a few changes, now that you’re here. Aside from the obvious new graphics, I also changed my URL! Aylitheauthor.com has officially moved to aylisofferings.com. I know, small and meaningless change, but I’m happy with it.

I’m gonna try and keep up with things here (though this is hardly the first time I’ve promised that…). I’m currently in the process of collecting quotes and photos to bring back Tuesday Quotes and Friday Photo Muses (so if you’ve got any recommendations, I’m all ears!). And I’ve got loads new music to start up the Weekly Writers Jams again. So if I can only manage to keep my head in the game, the future of Ayli’s Offerings seems pretty bright.

Until March 21 of 2018, the old link will still be active, but it’ll be a dead page directing you to come here instead. So if you’ve got any links saved, I’d go ahead and find them again from the new address before that time is up. For subscribers, though, don’t worry: your subscription transferred over in the move!

Here’s to high hopes for the future (and my ability to stay on top of things)!

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