My Progress in the Month of January

Well, this past month has surely been… something. Can’t say it’s much of a surprise to me that it was my most prolific month since last September. There’s lots of fuel to drive my fire just sitting around these days.

In total, I wrote 16,341 words in January with a total of six days where I didn’t write any. For those first two days (literally the first and the second), I was still at my mom’s for Christmas and New Years, which I decided to use as break time. The other four days were just a matter of me wanting to think out specifics of where certain scenes were going while working on character sheets for Project 2, which I’m pretty sure I’ve already revealed is officially titled Bloody Merry. That’s going pretty well too, having come leaps and bounds from back in ’13 when I was still considering the title The Ghouls. There’s still a lot to work on before I can actually, officially start the series, but I’m super pumped for you guys to learn more about it.

Back on the subject of TDoaS, which is much farther along: So far, I’ve written two whole drafts of the book and am currently on the third, continuing to refine the plot and experiment a bit with Carter’s versus Stella’s perspective. If I had to predict its future, I’d say there’s one more draft left in it – working in the updated ideas for certain scenes, writing out the holes left from removing others, and actually putting my full effort into wordsmithery – before I decide I’m done rewriting from the beginning and move on entirely to revising and editing selectively.

I would love to have the book done by the end of the year, but it’s already come so far in so little time, I don’t want to rush it out just to make some sort of personal deadline. Honestly, if people are still waiting for it after all these years, a little longer is just a drop in the bucket.

That’s pretty much all I have to say for January; we got to a third draft and I started working on the official reveal character sheets for the main peeps from Bloody Merry (I love them so much, guys). Hopefully, this month carries on with just as much success. Till then!

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  1. Enette says: Reply

    That all sounds so great! I can’t wait for you to finish TDoaS so I can FINALLY read it

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