My Progress in the Month of October

Well, Halloween Month is over. You know what that means?? You got it! Trade in the pumpkin spice for peppermint, ladies and gentlemen, it’s officially pre-Christmas!

In all seriousness, last month wasn’t my best in terms of TDoaS progress, but that’s because I’ve started simultaneously working on another project. Because of this, I’ve decided that with this month (November), I’m going to start recording all of my creative progress, not just things pertaining to this one story.

(Because I am both a paranoid nut and a lover of surprises and well-planned sneak peeks, I’m not going to tell you much about this other project I’m working on – especially considering it’s still in pretty early development – but because I assume it’ll be necessary information, I’ll tell you this much: it’s a comic, and shall henceforth be referred to as Project 2 until I decide to reveal the name.)

Now, on to those numbers!


October 1-6 – Outlined the plot

October 7 – I wrote, like, a paragraph, which I scrapped.

October 8 – 137 words (I know, I know, but I was fussing over the opening. I spent more time pacing and thinking it over than actually sitting down and writing it out.)

October 9 – 438

October 10 – Revised the first chapter

October 11 – 513

October 12 – 556

October 13 – 1,140

October 14 – 678

October 15 – 588

October 16 – 985

October 17 – 862

October 18 – 926

October 19 – 665

October 20 – 1,057

October 21 – 846

October 22 – 716

October 23 – I drafted out a scene ahead, but I didn’t bother counting the words because I know I’m not going to keep it as-is, and there are a lot of details missing.

October 24 – 799

October 25 – 721

October 26 – 796

October 27 – 719

October 28 – 686

October 29+30 – Drafted ahead, same as the 23rd

October 31 – 581 (I could’ve done much better, but I was just so distracted.)

Overall Words Written: 14,409


I’m sure you can guess why I feel the need to show you that I’m working on more stuff: these numbers are pretty cheap. But they’re more than enough to keep the story moving, so I don’t stress it, it just seems a little silly to say that all I’ve done with my entire day is write 500 words, especially considering how much time I have at my disposal.

Either way, that’s that! I’m sorry I missed the post last month, I was a little bit too focused on getting Project 2 on its feet. I’m also planning on bringing back weekly quotes and Friday Photo Muses, that just takes a bit of research and scheduling. I’ll try again to do what I did last time I missed a post, make up for it with two this month, but as always, take that more as a suggestion than a promise.

November’s gonna be a fun month for me, I feel it. TDoaS is starting to pick up steam, and Project 2 is getting more and more interesting. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!


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